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What is a medicinal herb?

Before the invention of Western allopathic or pharmacological medicine, people were able to counteract a disease by using natural or traditional herbal medicines. About 50% of pharmaceutical drugs manufactured in the last 31 years were manufactured directly or indirectly from plants. Before the globalization of the world into a socio-economic system, before the peoples of the world were conditioned to trust only Western pharmacological medicine, indigenous peoples around the world were more in tune with the environment and understood which plants to consume to turn over disease. Medicinal plants are recognized for their healing properties well before dynastic Egypt.

All plants contain nutrients and phytonutrients and provide some health enhancing properties. Herbs and food herbs or food spices differ from plant foods because of their higher concentration of nutrients and phytonutrients, resulting in a very bitter taste or a pronounced aromatic taste. The flowers, roots / barks are more bitter and generally more effective at reversing the disease than food herbs. Food herbs like thyme are mainly derived from plant leaves and are used in higher dosages to serve as medicinal herbs in traditional medicine.

Did you know?

A plant-based diet and herbs are vitally important to reverse disease because they greatly limit the amount of toxins and unhealthy compounds derived from the meat that we introduce into the body. Our body is firmly committed to knowing that plant consumption promotes optimal health, resulting in physical, mental and emotional stability.

Plants promote the health of the body in two ways:

1) They provide a wide range of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and proteins in proportions that naturally support the proportion of nutrients in the body. The body is able to use nutrients to replace the loss of nutrients through metabolic processes that support organ function.

2) The body is able to use phytonutrients, chemical compounds of plants. Which plants use to protect themselves against diseases.

Alkaline plants provide a better understanding of their chemical affinity with body composition. Hybrid plants promote the development of diseases instead of supporting the optimal functionalities of all the organs and metabolic processes of the body. Multiple hybridization greatly increases the chances of development of compounds without chemical affinities with the body. Although hybrid plants retain some nutritional value, we must focus on the consumption of natural plants as foods or herbs for the constitution of our body, which is the root of health.

Health is achieved by eliminating the consumption of acidic foods while saturating the body with natural plants and their nutrients provided by The Most High / God / The Source / Universe. These plants have chemical affinities with the body and promote healthy expressions of the composition of our bodies.

Healing begins with the elimination of foods that introduce toxins and pathogens, acidify the body, build up mucus, cause chronic inflammation, and lead to the development of chronic diseases. Animal fats and animal proteins increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

To support the healing process of all organs and functions of the body, we must return to a diet based on the consumption of non-hybrid whole plant foods. This is the foundation of healing. This is the foundation of optimal health.

To accelerate healing or reverse complex diseases, we should also return to the use of natural non-hybrid alkaline plant herbs.

Foods that increase the level of acidity in the body and cause overproduction of mucus in the body are the cause of the disease. Acidic foods attack the body, cause a prolonged inflammatory reaction and cause chronic inflammation.

Acute inflammation is a natural process used to fight infection and repair physical damage to the body when acute inflammation is not disabled. The process then attacks healthy cells from various parts of the body and leads to the development of various forms of disease. This compromises the protective mucous membrane that lines the organs and promotes the excessive production of mucus, which compromises the health of the organs. Which compromise, YOUR LIFE. Eat alkaline.

Alkilinity/Electrolytes & The Body

Alkaline plants are natural plants. Natural plants are plants that have not been hybridized by human intervention. Many of the plants consumed today are the result of a human-made hybridization of 2 or more plants. This negatively affects the natural balance of nutrients in plants and results in more acidic plants that negatively affect the state of electrical activity in the body. We are electrical beings. We are highly electrical and the consumption of natural plant foods provides the nutrients in the ratio needed to optimally support the fastest energy transmission throughout the body. You can think of the body as a big battery and a diet based on natural plants keeps this battery charged optimally. Just like a battery, when you use your body, you reduce its strength or its electrical charge. When alkaline plants are consumed, nutrients in the right ratio are added to recharge the body. All the functions of our body, such as thoughts, eliminating and moving fluids and contracting muscles, are controlled by electrical signals transmitted by the nervous system. The nervous system is a 2-way system that allows electrical signals to be returned to the brain and to all organs of the body. These signals jump from cell to cell until the message reaches its destination. These messages are delivered almost instantly under normal circumstances. The body is able to generate this electricity through the interaction of electrolytes.

Electrolytes are compounds that become ions and take a positive or negative charge when they interact with the body’s water. This results in positively charged ions, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium or phosphorus. The movement and interaction of positive and negative electrolytes across cell membranes results in the generation of electricity. Electrolytes maintain heart rate, allow metabolic processes to occur in cells, allow organs to function properly and muscles to function.

Electrolytes are needed and a specific predetermined ratio optimally supports the health and vitality of the body. And the kidneys are constantly at work to maintain the predetermined ratio of electrolytes in the blood. A major impedance For the optimal flow of electricity in the body is excess fat. Electricity travels faster in water than in fat, and excess fat in the body impairs its ability to provide impulses quickly where they are needed.

Natural plant foods provide electrolytes and nutrients that promote our health. Their composition leans toward the alkaline side of the pH scale. This is perfect for keeping the blood slightly alkaline, because the body works to maintain the level of pH in the blood around 7.4. Feeding the body with too much acidic food, which includes meat, dairy products and processed foods, forces the body to steal alkaline substances from other parts of the body, such as bones, to put in the blood to keep it slightly alkaline. An alkaline environment in the blood promotes good oxygenation of cells and metabolic processes. It also promotes a healthy immune system, so that it can search for and destroy pathogens and toxins in the body. Alkalinity supports the proper nutrients and the amount and appropriate combinations of alkaline herbs promote optimal electrical activity and oxygenation of the body. The result is a very energetic body(4), healthy, vibrant, mind (4) and healthy spirit (4).