The Science of Nature and Alkalinity

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The body is a beautiful and complex machine that has been designed to self-correct. It has been designed to resist disease, destroy it, repair damaged cells, and if necessary, destroy severely damaged cells. The body is constantly working to replace the old cells with new ones by replicating them. This is how the body maintains the overall health of its blood and organs. Most of the body’s cells replace themselves and die according to a programmed process called apoptosis. The red blood cells are replaced every 4 months, the bones approximately every 10 years, the lining of the stomach and intestines approximately every 5 days, and the skin approximately every 2 to 4 weeks.

Science is reevaluating the idea of ​​brain cells. For a long time, scientists thought brain cells did not regenerate. The body performs these processes using hormones and proteins. Phytonutrients help these molecules in their work and maintain the health of the organs that produce them. It’s incredible! When people consume plants and their phytonutrients, their bodies can use organic compounds to boost the immune system. These phytonutrients can kill cancer cells, help repair DNA, detoxify and bind toxins so they can be eliminated from the body, improve cell communication, kill pathogens and provide an antioxidant that protects cells from damage. free radicals and aging.

When the time comes for the cells to replicate, the body makes every effort to ensure that the cells being replicated are in good health. The body will use its own internal processes and will also use nutrients and phytonutrients. It comes from plants to ensure cell replication without any damage caused by pathogens or toxins. Specific Phytonutrients can interact with predetermined cells, pathogens and toxins to clean them and neutralize pathogens and toxins. Phytonutrients such as flavonoids in elderberry can bind to the H1N1 flu virus and prevent it from entering the cells, while phytonutrients from other plants can not. Phytonutrients from certain plants are recognized by cellular receptors and can enter different cells and clean the cells of pathogens and toxins, while others are limited to the neutralization of pathogens and toxins in the blood. Herbs such as cascada sagrada is used to clean the cells intracellularly.